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Watch: cute gang of cats and dogs make hit song 'Happy' sound even better

This might be the happiest music video of all time dog-cat-happy
© CATMANTOO - Youtube

How do you make one of the greatest feel-good songs of all time feel even better? Well, it's actually pretty simple, just make a music video packed with cats and dogs!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 13/10/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:38

Back in 2013, American singer and producer Pharrel Willaims released his hit single "Happy." The feel-good tune went on to become the most successful song of the year, selling over 13miilion units worldwide.

The feel-good hit of the year

It topped the UK and US charts and was nominated for Best Male Video and Video of the Year at the 2014 MTV Awards.

Now that's pretty impressive. In fact, you could say there's nothing at all that could make this happy song sound even happier.  But you'd be wrong. And that's because you forgot the golden rule.

There's always a couple of things that can make any situation better - cats and dogs!

Catmantoo is a social media content creator who always follows the golden rule!

So he gathered together a gang of super cute cats and pups, filmed them doing all sorts of adorable things, then made a video using "Happy" as the soundtrack.

And as you can imagine, the result was pretty amazing. The clip now has over 14miilion views on Youtube. It even features a very special guest - Didga the surfing cat. And yes, he shows off a few of his best moves in the video!

Catmantoo lives on the Gold Coast of Australia with Didga and his dog-brother Boomer. When he isn't making pet inspired content, he works as a professional animal behaviourist. He's even helped some of Australia's biggest stars train their pets, including Mel Gibson and Olivia Newton-John.

Get ready to feel happy

You can follow Catmantoo on Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram.

But before that, it's time to check out the video for yourself. Get ready to feel happy!