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Man faces jail after neighbour spots him playing sick ‘cat-fishing’ game

Officers found cats with fishhooks in their mouths dog-angry
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Every case of animal abuse is heartbreaking, but sometimes we come across a story that shocks us to the core. This time, it's about a man who went 'fishing for cats.'

By Ashley Murphy , 13 Oct 2019

It begins on a peaceful April morning in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, USA. A local man is staring out of his window. Everything looks normal enough, but then something catches his attention.

Fishing for felines

One of the neighbours is dangling a fishing rod from his apartment window. What's more, there's a big lump of tasty looking meat attached to the hook.

He decides to ask his neighbour what's going on and the man replies, 'fishing for cats.'

Shocked, the witness runs back inside and immediately calls the local animal protection services.

Officers arrived on the scene a short while later and questioned the 'fisherman.'

"He told a neighbour that he was fishing for cats," wrote one of the officers.  "Much to our horror, that's exactly what he was doing. He was baiting the cats with food on fishing hooks.  We were able to trap one cat with hooks in his mouth."

The cats belonged to an evicted tenant who had left the animals locked inside the apartment.

A neighbour then forced open the door to free the 15 furry prisoners, and that's when the unnamed 27-year-old man started playing his sick new 'game.'

"He also fed these starving animals food with string tied to in so that they would swallow it," the statement continued. "This is absolutely horrifying."

A trial date is set

Officers managed to trap 10 of the cats. They're currently receiving treatment at an animal rescue hospital and will be rehomed with foster families when they start showing signs of improvement.

We are pleased to say the fisherman was immediately arrested and will stand trial this December. So keep your paws crossed that these kitties get the justice they deserve.