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WATCH: Dog loses obedience contest in the MOST adorable way

Disobedient dog causes hilarity at obedience contest dog-happy
© Golden Retriever Lovers - YouTube

One of the many reasons we love dogs is their distinct personalities. There are intelligent, obedient Retrievers that make great guide dogs. And then, there are others...

By Natasha James , 13 Oct 2019

Some dogs love obedience classes and they never tire of learning new skills. Others would rather stay home and destroy toilet rolls or terrify their owners by running off to chase squirrels in the park!

Dis-obedience race

This adorable Golden Retriever definitely falls into the second category and the video of her taking part in a dog obedience race will make you cry with laughter!

The course would put any dog to the test. Coloured flooring is laid out to denote the route which is littered with tasty treats and irresistible toys. The aim of the course is for the dog to make it along without getting distracted.

Following two perfect pooches, hopes were high for the Golden Retriever.

Irresistible distractions

The nervous owner stood at one end of the route and called their dog as planned but for the Golden Retriever, the distractions were just too, well, distracting!

The adorable pooch stops to eat every snack and even grabs a handful of toys to take to her owner for extra play.

We dare you to watch the video and not laugh!