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WATCH: This tiny pup was shaking with cold until an unexpected hero came along

Goose saves freezing puppy dog-wow
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This tiny pup appears to have been abandoned by her mother. Cold and shaking, it didn’t look like she’d survive until this most unlikely of heroes came along to help.

By Natasha James , 13 Oct 2019

Love, friendship, acceptance. We can learn a lot from animals.

Worried passers-by spotted the tiniest of puppies (she can’t have been more than a few days old) shivering from the cold in a local car park.

Thinking her mother may come back soon, they watched for a few minutes before taking action.

A heart-warming surprise

While they considered what might be the best course of action, an unlikely hero came along and reminded them all that we have so much to learn from animals.

A mother goose waddled across the car park at the sound of the young animal in need and took the struggling pup under her wing to warm her up and protect her from the icy wind.

According to onlookers, she even stroked the little pup with her beak to let her know she was safe.

Mothering instinct

The soothed pup fell asleep in the warm cuddle of this caring mother goose.

It seems that the puppy was just a few days old and would almost certainly have died were it not for the action of the goose. Since then, the pair have reportedly been adopted together and are now inseparable.