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Elderly man falls and calls for help: rescuers discover his ‘house of horrors’

Scary wooden house dog-angry
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The events took place a couple of months ago in a small French village. An 81-year-old man called an ambulance because he could not stand up after a nasty fall.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 12/10/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

The police had to accompany the ambulance on this call. Why? Quite simply because the old man had several dogs, and all of them were aggressively protecting their home, making it impossible for the paramedics to enter.

But, with the help of the police and the SPA (animal rescue charity), the paramedics were finally able to help the man and bring him to the hospital.

Emaciated, beaten, and killed

But the injured man was far from being the worst discovery rescuers made in the house. In fact, the house was a bloodbath to say the least.

The aggressive dogs were, upon closer inspection in a devastating state. There was one food bowl only for the twelve of them! The dogs were scarred and bruised all over their bodies, making it clear that they had been severely beaten. They lived amongst heaps of garbage bags and waded through their own faeces.

But at least, they were alive.

Rescuers sadly found dogs that had been drowned in the swimming pool, and others kept in the freezer. Puppy carcasses littered the floor of the house. Since none of the dogs had been neutered, it was assumed this was the owner’s way of ‘controlling’ the dogs’ numbers. The surviving dogs were also likely feeding off of these carcasses, since they lacked anything else to eat.

In caring hands

At present, the surviving animals are too weak to be transported anywhere. Volunteers are currently taking turns to care for the animals on site. Meanwhile, they wait for an intervention from 30 millions d’amis, a large animal welfare charity who could have the means to take the dogs to a more suitable location.

An appeal to raise funds for the dogs’ rescue has been launched, and 11,000 euros have already been collected. Both the SPA and 30 millions d’amis have filed charges against this cruel man.