Woman takes Puli to the clinic, when vet nurses see him, they can’t believe it!

Possum hangs on to Puli's dreadlocks dog-wow © Sally Watkinson - Facebook

Sally and Jon Watkinson were casually grooming their Hungarian Puli when the most astonishing surprise: in the thick dreads of hair they found a…baby possum!

By Justine Seraphin

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The little baby had apparently been seeking refuge when he found Kato the Puli’s comforting locks. And to his owners’ great surprise, Kato didn’t seem to mind this little passenger’s presence at all! Who said dogs and possums don’t mix…

Furry ‘growth’ removed

Sally and Jon were understandably unsure how to deal with the furry traveller, and therefore decided to head over to the vet’s.

When the vet techs first saw what was going on, they almost fell off their chairs! Never in their entire careers had they seen something like this! Luckily, the baby possum (a little male) was safely removed and given a clean bill of health by the vet. She was placed with a wildlife carer until she would be strong enough to be returned to the wild.

As for Kato, he seemed quite unbothered by the whole experience. But it doesn’t end there!

A surprising guest

It seems the baby possum may have let his friends know how comfortable Kato’s fur was, because just a few days later, Sally and Jon found yet another firmly hanging on to his dreads!

So, the couple brought Kato to the clinic for a second baby possum removal – this time the team really couldn’t believe it.

Thankfully, the second baby possum (a female this time), was also in good health and will be returned to the wild once she is older.

Kato has certainly proved to be a popular hang-out spot for these adorable furballs! What a weirdly adorable story!

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