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Missing doormat mystery solved (and it’s hysterical)

Funny dog steals man's doormat dog-wow
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A couple were flummoxed by the mystery of their endlessly-disappearing doormats until they set up a video camera and caught the thief in the act...with very funny results.

By Natasha James , 12 Oct 2019

An unexpected thief

When Senthil Nathan and his wife first noticed things were disappearing from their front porch, they were concerned.

Living on the ground floor, they realised the culprit could be any number of people.

Could it be kids playing tricks? Or was there a thief in the area? But if so, why steal doormats?

They even suspected the next door neighbour’s moggy, but the mats were far too heavy for a cat to lift.

A confusing conundrum

To finally get to the bottom of this perplexing conundrum, the couple decided to buy a security camera and work it out once and for all.

As soon as they received it, they set the camera up and went to bed as usual.

When they awoke in the morning, as usual, they found their doormat missing. Excited to catch the thief in the act, they watched the CCTV footage right away.

A surprising discovery

Rather than a sinister-looking thief or a rag-tag bunch of kids, the Nathans discovered…a dog!

And not just any dog, the neighbourhood dog who regularly pops around in the hope of getting treats from them. Talk about your trick or treater!

They immediately burst out laughing! In fact, they found it so funny that they bought extra doormats and put them directly on the lawn so the furry thief could take them with ease!