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Watch: the cutest dog and baby clip the internet has ever seen

The clip has over 4 million views! dog-happy
© Buddy Mercury - Youtube

What do you get when you cross a piano, a singing pooch, a dancing baby, and a dad with a camera? The answer? One of the cutest videos to find its way onto the internet!

By Ashley Murphy , 9 Oct 2019

The internet is pretty amazing. It's democratised our access to information, helped raise awareness on social issues, and even kickstarted revolutions against tyrannical governments.

The best thing on the internet

But, most importantly of all, it gave us unlimited access to one of the greatest developments of the 21st century - the funny pet video! From hilarious cat fails to super cute puppy videos, we just can't get enough of these hilarious clips.

And although there's plenty of videos that could be named the cutest clip on the internet, this latest one has gone straight to the top of our list.

It stars an adorable duo - a Beagle named Buddy Mercury and his human baby sister.

The two-minute clip, which has over 4.5million views, begins with the toddler showing off her best dance moves.

Buddy is lying in the background, but the pooch quickly decides to get in on the act.

He walks over to a piano, jumps up on his hind legs, and starts banging out a tune with his paws. He then starts howling a song as his little baby sister dances along to his dulcet tones!

Buddy's performance is so amazing that he even gets a little treat from his doggy-dad who captured the whole thing on camera.

A furry star is born

As well as watching the clip millions of times on Youtube, viewers left thousands of comments. One person posted:

"Dogs ? and babies ? can’t go wrong. Adorable."

Another wrote:

"They could enter the Eurovision Song Contest and have a realistic chance of winning."

Buddy now has his own website, which includes links to his latest album and Buddy merchandise.

But before you check that out, here's the clip that made him famous!