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Animal rescuers left in tears after discovering kitty ‘house of horrors’

Officers found 15 cats living in horrific conditions cat-angry
© Feral Rescue - Facebook

A team of experienced animal welfare officers were left in tears after discovering 15 cats living in what one witness described as a "horrific prison."

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/10/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Officers fromFeral Rescue Gainsborough were called to a property after a tip-off from the public. The homeowner had been admitted to the hospital and wouldn't be returning any time soon, leaving her kitties alone in the house.

A kitty house of horrors

But when the team arrived at what they thought was another routine call, they soon realised they were looking at a "kitty house of horrors".

Described by one witness as "living nightmare" and "horrific prison," officers found 15 cats crammed into a small cage.

Some of the cats cowered in the corners, covered in faeces and painful-looking sores, while others clawed at the cage in a desperate plea for help.

Officers began removing the cats from the cage and quickly discovered that most were dangerously undernourished. Many of the cats showed signs of kitty flu, while one ginger cat's ear had partially rotted away.

It's believed the cats had been living in the squalid conditions for as long as a month. Feral Rescue Gainsborough posted the following on their Facebook page:

"The walls and floor were thick with grime, full of cat faeces and urine that obviously had not been cleaned out for years...We [then] learnt the cats had been left without their owner for around a month."

Conditions were so bad that they brought tears to the rescuer's eyes:

"We couldn't determine whether the tears falling were because of what we were seeing or because the stench of urine was that strong, it was intolerable."

Cats in need

Four of the cats are now living with a foster family, while the remaining 11 will stay at the Gainsborough Feral centre for now.

If you're interested in helping out these kitties in need, visit the Gainsborousg crowdfunding page for more info.