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Man calls his Boxers but only one returns, leading to heartbreaking discovery

Boxer dog doesn't return home dog-sad
© KARE11 - YouTube

When a dog owner in Minnesota let his two beloved Boxers play outside just like any other day, he didn’t think anything of it. But when he called them in, only one returned.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 08/10/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

The two Boxers were playing outside when tragedy struck.

Scott Fuller knew something was wrong when he called the dogs in and only one returned. Before he got a chance to go looking, one of the dogs called Zeus led Scott to where the other dog was.

Poor Hera

In a clearing, Scott made the dreadful discovery. His 6-year-old dog Hera was dead.

Scott believes that Hera was killed by local hunters.

What makes the situation even worse for Scott and his family is not knowing whether the person to blame will ever be charged over the tragedy.

Hera was a well-loved family pet© KARE11 - YouTube

Mistaken for coyote

Scott told Valley News Live:“Looks like she’d gotten up for one more try. Got another two or three feet, and that’s where she died.”

It is believed that the hunter used a mechanical broadhead arrow point, which was what dealt the fatal wound to Hera. The hunter claims he thought he was aiming at a coyote. But Scott isn’t convinced by this claim.

“After the buck ran, there pops up Hera. It sounds like he said at first, he thought it might have been a coyote. But this is what he says. Then he shot, and he could hear it was clearly a dog,” Scott added.

“I don’t buy it, because I saw the stand and I saw the shooting range. I mean, Hera looks nothing like a coyote. He just shot her. And he didn’t even bother to look.”

Hera the Boxer dog enjoying time with the family before tragedy struck© KARE11 - YouTube

The law

In Minnesota, it is illegal to shoot a dog. However, the Anoka County Sheriff’s department has so far not filed any charges against the hunter.

Scott said:“I’m a hunter myself. I’ve got nothing against them hunting there. But you’d think if you were in a development, that close to a development, you see someone’s dog, you don’t just shoot it.”

Big heart

Scott’s wife Christina points out that it could have easily been a child playing out in the field who was shot instead. And for the Fuller family, they feel like they’ve lost a child.

“We’d lay them next to each other just to compare their size, because she was a small boxer,” Christina said.“She had a big heart. She was really sweet to the kids. They’d climb on them and all that sort of stuff.”

Missing Hera

“Zeus doesn’t know life without her.” Christina said. “And seeing him sad is almost as sad as seeing the kids or having our hearts broken.”