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Animal rescuer goes to collect kitten but leaves with a tiny extra surprise

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An animal rescuer in the U.S. goes to pick up a kitten but gets an unexpected surprise when she ends up coming away with a second kitten who is that extra bit special.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 08/10/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Ashley Morrison from Seattle, Washington is a cat rescuer. She had heard about a litter of kittens that were being given away.

Knowing that she had to help, she immediately contacted the owner. Ashley told Love Meow

"They were being given away un-neutered, un-vaccinated, no dewormer or any type of medical care. I asked if I could take them. After speaking with the (owner), I offered to bring vaccines and dewormer for the kitten he planned on keeping as I knew he couldn't afford it."

More than one left

Ashley was under the impression that there was just one kitten left to be rescued and rehomed. Once she arrived Ashley went to look at the kitten. But she spotted a second kitten in the back of the crate. Ashley saw that the poor little feline was shaking and very small, just half the size of his siblings. Ashley gave him a closer look and saw his gums were pale and he was trembling. 


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"There's something very different about him," Ashley explained.

The owner allowed Ashley to also take the second kitten so she could ensure he got all the medical care he needed.  The mum cat was also spayed to ensure the cycle of litter after litter finally stopped.

Munchkin and Moose

The tiny kitten was named Munchkin, Munch for short, and was very small for his age. His brother Moose behaved just as you would expect from a normal kitten. Munch on the other hand seemed very behind with his development.

Ashley took Munch to the vet, who found the cute kitten to be slightly anaemic and likely to have some neurological issue.

Despite being nearly three months old, little Munch only weighed one and a half pounds. Ashley monitored him all day and night to ensure he flourished.

Cat lover

Ashley’s Instagram account @youngestoldcatlady is full of cute photos and videos of her feline friends. She posted: "He squeaks if he can't find me. He sleeps right by my side. He loves to nap on the couch and randomly gets energetic and plays with the others." 

Betty the kitten

When Ashley found a loving home for Munch’s brother Moose, Munch still had a lot of growing left to do. So, to ensure he wasn’t lonely, Ashley paired him with a new kitten, Betty the tabby.

Munch and Betty quickly became best friends and the two kitties were inseparable. Although Munch was two months older than Betty, both kittens were of similar size. After Betty’s spay surgery, the pair grew even closer, with Ashley finding Betty with her arms around Munch as he cuddled her.


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Forever home

When Munch finally hit 3 pounds he was ready to be neutered and find his own forever home. And his dream came true when Munch and Betty were adopted together by a family of cat lovers.


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When the pair arrived at their new home, Betty went for a nap in the cat tree while Munch snuggled up to his new owners.

"Even though Betty is half his age, she's just about his size. They are siblings from another mother, but are very bonded," said Munch and Betty’s new owners, David and LuAnn.

He may only be small, but Munch has a huge appetite and is growing very well.

"We have come to realize that Munchie is normal in every way, except for his vision. He's not blind, but he seems to have some challenges. He tracks things mostly by noise or smell,” his new owners added.

"Now that he has been here for several weeks, he acts like a completely normal cat. Munchie will now race at warp speed from one end of the house to the other until he is totally exhausted. Unless he's sleeping, he's got to be doing something."

"Munchie has blossomed into a wonderfully affectionate little boy, with no trace of shyness or trepidation," the family shared.


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"He sleeps at the foot of our bed most every night. At some point in pretty much every day, he will decide that he must be on both of our laps. This results in very happy purring and lots of head bonks to your face."