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Poodle amazes Hope for Paws following rescue from the side of a road

Lady the poodle lies in the gutter dog-happy
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It was just another day for the Hope for Paws animal rescue team, but for one lucky dog, the arrival of Eldad Hagar heralded the beginning of the rest of her life.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 08/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

A “rough” neighbourhood in Los Angeles was, in February of this year, the focus of Hagar’s attention. Hagar and the Hope for Paws crew received a call from someone about a small stray dog that was lying at the side of the road, obviously in pain.

Hagar decided not to film for too long. On a previous foray into the area his life was threatened by disgruntled drug dealers who didn’t care to be on-camera.

On scene

When the crew arrived at the scene, they found a small white Poodle left for dead. The dog had been run over and was clearly distressed. Seeing that the dog was unable to move and making no attempt to back away Hagar assumed she had severe internal injuries.

Lady's pelvis was broken and she wasn't even able to stand up... she just laid in there and trusted me to help her,” Hagar later wrote on Facebook.

Hagar learned that the dog had laid where she fell for 24 hours before anyone in the neighbourhood called Hope for Paws. Even the caller who finally notified the charity refused to meet them at the scene.

Successful rescue

The rescue was a success, Hagar and his colleagues brought the dog which they later called “Lady”back to their centre. There she received medical attention, the vet confirming that the dog’s pelvis was broken.

Lady was later taken to LA Animal Rescue where she was looked after until she was rehomed. According to The Animal Rescue Site, Lady is now fully recovered.

Part of the video below shows a reunion of Hagar and Lady. The dog even appears to remember her rescuer!