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Inspirational puppy is teaching kids there’s nothing wrong with being different!

Piglet's story is inspiring young people dog-wow
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A pink, blind, and deaf puppy is showing the world that there's nothing wrong with being a little bit different! Now his story is inspiring young people to do the same!

By Ashley Murphy , 6 Oct 2019

When Piglet showed up at an animal rescue centre in Connecticut, USA, it was pretty clear that he wasn't like the other puppies. The pink Dachshund-Chihuahua was blind, deaf, and extremely anxious.

A very special little dog

The staff knew little Piglet just needed a chance to grow into a loving pet, but they were worried about finding an owner who was willing to put in the hard work.


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Then Melissa Shapiro, a local veterinarian, offered to foster Piglet. She fell in love with this very special puppy, although helping him adjust to his first proper home presented plenty of challenges. Melissa said:

"He was so anxious, he was screaming constantly. He would play, then go to sleep, but when he wasn't doing either of those, he was screaming. I couldn't leave the house the first month I had the dog here."

But Melissa wasn't going to give up on Piglet, and after months of loving care, the little pink prince began showing signs of improvement.

Today, Piglet is one of the happiest, friendliest dogs you'll ever meet, and his amazing story is helping young people accept their own differences.


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After reading about his amazing journey, one school teacher set up the Piglet Mindset Outreach program, an initiative that helps children accept who they are and to turn their differences into advantages.


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Piglet even makes the odd surprise appearance during some of the classes. His dog mum said:

"At the end of the year, we surprised the kids. They thought we were going to FaceTime, and we walked in with Piggy in his stroller and three of my other dogs, and everyone was crying."

Piglet proved everybody wrong

Piglet has also helped raise $30,000 for special needs dog rescue centres and other animal charities.

Not bad for a little puppy that nobody wanted. Not bad at all!


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