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Inspiring woman opens her home and heart to 27 very special rescue dogs!

Looking after the dogs is a way of life for Claire dog-happy
© Claire-louise Nixon - Facebook

Adopting a rescue pup is an amazing thing to do, but this animal lover from the UK has raised doggy-care to a whole new level after opening her heart to 27 dogs in need.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 06/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Claire-Louise Nixon, 48, lives in Milton Keynes with her husband, daughter, and a grand total of 27 fur babies!

A doggy daycare miracle

Many of the pooches were rescued from war zones, where they lost limbs from land mines and explosives. Vets wrote of the injured dogs, saying they would never walk again.

But thanks to some specially designed doggy-wheelchairs and lots of love and encouragement, these very special dogs are getting a second chance at life.  And it's all thanks to Claire!

Speaking to the Metro,  Claire said:

"When I get these dogs who are in such a bad way, the vet would say: "Claire, you won't get them walking again."

She continued:

"I think all they need is love, kindness and patience. When they walk into my house they see other dogs like them, so they don't feel any different that's why I think they do so well here. 'If you give them a reason to walk again, then they will."

Claire's mission began 12 years ago when she rescued a puppy from doggy death row. The puppy was born with a hair lip and cleft palate, preventing him from suckling milk.

But that didn't stop Claire loving the little guy! She hand-reared her first fur baby, although she had no idea she'd go onto care for another 26 pooches.

Looking after her giant furry gang is more than a full-time job for claire - it's a way of life.

24/7 doggy care

From 6am to midnight, Claire is busy feeding, bathing, exercising and dishing out medication to dogs who need it.

It sounds like hard work, but Claire couldn't imagine doing anything else. She said:

"It is tremendous hard work, but I can't tell you how rewarding it is. The love these dogs give back is amazing. I would not be without any single one of them."