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Dog is spotted with a bottle stuck on its head, but looks can be deceiving

Animal with bottle stuck on head dog-wow
© Top Variety & Headlines Today - YouTube

As a group of friends take a walk in a forest they become concerned about a dog with its head caught in a bottle. But as they get closer, they realise their mistake.

By Zoe Monk , 6 Oct 2019

Tanay Panpalia and his friends were out taking a walk in Nagpur Forest in the Indian state of Maharashtra. They were hoping to get some photographs of plants and wildlife while they were there and spend some time near the lake.

But after only being in the forest for a few minutes, Tanay spots what looks like a dog in the distance with its mouth stuck in a plastic container.

Very thin and malnourished

Understandably concerned about the poor dog, who was also extremely thin and obviously malnourished, Tanay and his friends get closer to the dog to try and help.

Animal with bottle stuck on head
Animal spotted with a plastic container stuck on its head©  Top Variety & Headlines Today - YouTube

But as they get nearer, the friends soon realise that isn’t a dog at all.

The poor animal is, in fact, a very thin wolf.

Call for help

The group decided to call the Nagpur Forestry Department for help.

While they were waiting for help to arrive, the friends kept a close watch on the wolf to make sure they didn't lose it in the forest.

In a video posted by Top Variety & Headlines Today, Tanay said:

"So, despite the fear, we had the determination to save him and we immediately started the rescue operation. Fortunately, the plastic container had holes that allowed him to breathe and drink water - that's probably what kept him alive".

After two hours, the rescue team finally arrived and cut the poor malnourished wolf free from the plastic container. The team examined the wolf and gave it some water.

Wolf cut free from container
Rescuers cut the poor wolf free from plastic container© Top Variety & Headlines Today - YouTube

Once the rescue team were satisfied that the wolf had no injuries, they allowed him to go and the wolf was seen rejoining its pack that was waiting nearby.

A video posted on YouTube shows just how shockingly thin and desperate this poor wolf was.