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Man leaves his Chihuahua with a pet-sitter and never comes back to pick him up

Pablo the Chihuahua smiling in a car dog-happy
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Owning a pet is a huge responsibility that not everyone should be allowed to have. Poor Pablo learned that the hard way when he was left behind by his so called 'family'.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 06/10/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

It all started at the end of 2016. Pablo the Chihuahua was dropped off by his owner at a pet-sitter’s home.

An act of cowardice

But what started off as a simple short-term stay ended up clearly becoming an abandonment, since no-one ever came to pick Pablo up.

Terrified and stressed, Pablo started to bark constantly, wondering why his owner wasn’t back yet.

Five months down the line, the pet sitter posted a cruel message on social media, in which he explained that he could no longer take Pablo’s incessant barking, and threatened to sell him online or take him to the nearest shelter to have him euthanised.


Wondering what Pablo might be saying? We assume he is asking.. begging to leave the boarding. He's been in a cage ever since we rescued him, over two weeks. And still no one were able to foster this little guy. Why? We are not sure, but the fact still stands- Pablo in need of an urgent foster. Currently on boarding in Brooklyn, NY. Great with dogs. If able to help, email foster@amaanimalrescue.org ⚡️SHARE⚡️

Posted by AMA Animal Rescue on Friday, March 24, 2017

Urgent rescue

That’s right about when AMA Animal Rescue heard of Pablo’s ordeal, and found out that he was currently living in the pet sitter’s cupboard, because he simply couldn’t stand his barking.

Once transported to the rescue, Pablo’s case didn’t get any better. He continued to be afraid of people, and of men in particular. He barked more and more.

Luckily, an amazing family stepped up and decided to foster him. And just 15 minutes after arriving in his new home, Pablo started to relax.

During the 6 months that followed, Pablo took special classes to learn how to be more social and calm. And the transformation is incredible!

No more ceaseless barking, now Pablo is a mannered pup who even gets along with other dogs!

He was so perfect that in December 2017, a year after he had been abandoned, he was finally ready for adoption.


True meaning of "Lazy Saturday", from Pablo with love ❤️

Posted by AMA Animal Rescue on Saturday, April 15, 2017

A new life for Pablo

As soon as Maura McHale laid eyes on Pablo, she knew he was the one. The young woman, who lives in Queens, had always dreamt of having a Chihuahua, and above anything else, she wanted to give Pablo a second chance at a happy life. And so, Pablo went home with his new mum.

When he realised he was finally in his fur-ever home, he rushed towards his Maura to give her all the cuddles and kisses he could, as if he was thanking her for saving him. A beautiful, emotional story. We wish you and your mum all the best in your future together Pablo!


And so Pablo was officially adopted by them shortly after their meet and greet. Pablo's owners are very aware of this...

Posted by AMA Animal Rescue on Saturday, March 17, 2018