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Great Pyrenees was tied up his whole life; neighbours make radical decision

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Bear, a tall, handsome 6-year-old white dog, was unfortunately found tied outside in the middle of a heatwave. He lives with his owners in Westfield, Indiana.

By Memoona Zahid

Published on the 05/10/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Bear’s owners decided to tie him and leave him out in the hot weather. They did not care for this poor dog.

An unfortunate situation

When neighbours realised what was going on, they decided to contact animal services. Bear was in a lot of distress, which was obvious, but since his owners had been keeping him chained up all the time, he didn’t know what it was like to experience the comfort of a home or the freedom of running around and rolling in grass.

When he was eventually saved, it was discovered he was in an unbelievable amount of pain.

Bear was in very bad shape, a victim of hundreds of fly bites, wounded in the mouth and ears because of infected fly bites and his fluffy coat was tangled and messy. He had also contracted heartworm and Lyme disease.

Safe and Sound at last

Thankfully, Bear is in good hands now and will be treated and cared for. He will be put up for adoption as soon as he’s feeling and doing better and will begin his new life in a loving forever home.

Jane Rose takes the opportunity to remind pet owners: "Please, take care of your pets if you adopt them. It is a commitment for life. It’s their life, not yours, bring them in when it's hot, get them when it's cold, it's the law and you have to do it."

As for the former owner of Bear, Animal Control says he will not be charged because he agreed to give up the dog to them.

We’re so glad that Bear is safe and is getting better. We wish a him a speedy recovery.

Watch his incredible story captured on camera below: