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Something odd happens for this dog to be reunited with its owner

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When patrol officer Bryan Edwards saw ‘Max’, an 11-month-old American Bull Terrier wandering around with a man who lived locally, he noticed that the dog was uncomfortable.

By Memoona Zahid , 5 Oct 2019

What's in a name?

The man, who had found ‘Max’ decided to take him into his care for a while but did not want to keep him forever. Not knowing what his name was, he decided to call the cute dog ‘Max’. But the Bull Terrier didn’t take well to this name.

Bryan Edwards saw ‘Max’ wandering around and sensed his discomfort around the local man, who police have determined did not steal the dog.

When Bryan noticed this, he asked the local man to bring the dog to the Digbeth police station to see if he was micro chipped or not.

When they arrived at the police station, Bryan realised that the microchip needed to be recharged. Once that was done, he understood that the Bull Terrier had been stolen, and was reported missing.

Bryan said, "The police then discovered that the dog was chipped and that its registered keeper lived in Handsworth."


And the reason the dog wouldn’t respond and was uncomfortable when called Max? Because his real name is Chico!

Bryan helps a not for profit charity organisation called Dogs on the Streets (DOTS) which aids dogs who are homeless in the UK.

Bryan said, "When the owner came to collect Chico from Digbeth Police Station he was delighted, and the dog was happy with its tail wagging - he wasn't sure how it had disappeared in the first place."

We’re glad Chico is back with his owner and being called his real name!