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Watch: The dreadful day Endri had to say goodbye to the dogs in his shelter

Endri says hello to his shelter dogs dog-angry
© Endri Goxhaj

In the streets of Albania, you'll see hundreds of stray cats and dogs. Sadly, not much that can be done to help them, as animals are not protected by the law there.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 03/10/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

In fact, many people in Albania don’t even care about animals, or downright hate them. Unfortunately, this hatred is clear in the terrible events that took place a few days ago in Vlore, Albania.

A sight he wishes he’d never seen

Endri Goxhaj, a 19-year-old vegan and animal-lover, set up the 4 Zampe Rescue Albania to provide shelter and care to animals in need. Though Endri knows caring for unwanted animals can sometimes be difficult, he simply couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked into his shelter just last week.

When he ventured into the outdoor kennels, he discovered his dogs lying on the ground, dead. It was clear the poor animals had been poisoned, but the culprits were not known.

“The police didn’t do anything, they don’t care about this kind of tragedy,” Endri told Wamiz. “For me, it’s a psychological pain and great suffering.”

Endri shared the video below to display the cruel actions that had been taken against the ill-fated dogs. WARNING: this video may not be suitable for sensitive viewers.


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Surviving animals brought to safety

For the time being, 10 cats and 22 dogs have been brought to Endri’s and his friends’ homes, where they will remain until Endri is certain the shelter is safe again.

Unfortunately, it is not the first time the shelter has had to deal with such events. Thugs have invaded the shelter before, either to steal the security cameras or to chase the dogs away. In some instances, the dogs returned, in others, Endri had to search for them himself.

Seemingly hopeless stray situation in Albania

Shelters are few and far between in Albania. They only exist thanks to people like Eldri, who truly love animals and are willing to put their whole lives on hold to make a difference. But there are no government-run shelters, and therefore, strays are a common occurrence in the country.

The only way the government has tried to rectify the stray situation is by attempting mass euthanasia, which, over time, and thanks to heavy campaigning by animal-lovers such as Eldri, has been replaced by trap/neuter/release programs.

Endri’s only wish

Endri would love to be doing so much more for animals in need. In fact, his dream is to build a new shelter, bigger and more efficient than the current one, so that he can change the fate of as many strays as possible in Albania.

Endri giving the strays lots of love and care
Endri and his dogs share lots of love
© Endri Goxhaj

Endri accepts all and any help – whether its physical donations, financial donations, or volunteers – every little bit helps!

If you would like to help Endri and the other volunteers at the shelter care for their dogs, you can contact them via e-mail at, via Whatsapp at 00355696433365 or via their Facebook and Instagram page. Endri, we’re all with you!