She rushes to save dog trapped in cactus – but realises she is mistaken

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As she was leaving her home, Gwen Maxwell, 86, noticed a dog behaving a bit strangely. She carefully approached the dog and realised that he was in a very uncomfortable situation.

By Memoona Zahid

Published on the 03/10/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

Upon getting closer to the dog who was acting bizarre, Gwen sees that he is trapped in a cactus and unable to break free. But every movement the dog makes, even small movements, are painful.


Photo by Karl Pannkuk

Posted by Recreation Centers of Sun City West on Friday, May 17, 2013

Not a dog...

Gwen decided to help the dog, when she realises her mistake. The animal which she thought was a dog is not a dog at all… but a tiny coyote. A coyote is a canine native to North America.

Gwen looks around and notices the mother coyote watching the scene unfold closely. She decides that the best course of action is to call for help.


Two rescuers soon arrive on the scene to help the coyotes. They take them out away from the cactus, gently and slowly.

With protective gloves, so as not to be stung by the cactus, both rescuers gently and carefully remove each and every piece of cacti from the bodies of the coyotes, who remain calm despite the pain.

We’re glad the coyotes are safe and sound – with no prickly bits of cactus hurting them anymore!