Doggo Style Market – The place to be for London owners and their dogs

Pug overseeing all his presents dog-happy © doggostylemarket - Instagram

On Sunday, 29th of September, Wamiz UK was on site when the wonderful Doggo Style Market took place at Tower Bridge. And boy, was it a success!

By Justine Seraphin

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Despite the gloomy weather outdoors, the market was full of life and bright colours. 34 independent brands participated in the London-based market.

Unique and beautiful products on show

There was everything you could think of – from home-made doggy meals, to fluffy doggy beds, to stylish, hand-made leads and collars, and eco-friendly dog shampoos.


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We had the opportunity to meet with Lucie Herring, founder of the market, whose own Pug Parker inspired the logo of the Doggo Style Market. Lucie told us a little more about how she started the whole thing:

“I wanted to start Doggo Style because I have a dog, and I live in London, and I was trying to buy products, and I was like ‘I can’t find what I want’. And when I looked online, I didn’t know what size I needed, and you have all these weird measurements that you have to do, and by the end of it you’re like ‘I can’t be bothered’ so I ended up going to Pets at Home. There’s nothing wrong with what’s in Pets at Home, but it's quite mainstream, and I like to have different things, so that’s why I started Doggo.”

And you can certainly see the ‘unique’ and ‘original’ theme that Lucie was searching for at the market. Every single stand is special in its own way, and every person you meet is passionate about the products they are selling. Most of the brands don’t have an actual shop – so this is their opportunity to meet dog owners and show them what they can do. And the best part is – all the brands were hand-picked by Lucie, so you know you’re looking at good quality accessories.


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Doggos galore

The best part of the market though was, of course, the dogs. So many dogs. Take one look inside and you’ll see tiny little sausages running around, big regal Poodles that look like they own the place, and adorable fluffy Poms trotting their way happily through the crowd. We couldn’t have been more in our element – literally.


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And there were even some famous dogs in attendance this year! Marcel Le Corgi had his very own stand where he was strutting his stuff in front of a red-carpet backdrop.


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To Lucie, doggy influencers like Marcel play a very important role in today’s society:

“I think they’re good for highlighting causes, so charities and good causes for animals in general. I think that’s the most important thing an influencer plays a part in, especially rescue - that’s definitely becoming a much bigger mainstream subject now, whereas before people wouldn’t have really spoken about it.”

“I think that’s their biggest role - highlighting good causes. And awful things, like the Yulin festival. That’s becoming more mainstream. I’m pretty sure 10 years ago, unless you were really, really into dogs, you probably didn’t know that that existed. But now, thanks to social media, people are sharing and saying ‘this is awful, let’s get rid of this’. And I think social media has really helped us get on a level where people are properly campaigning.”

The event also catered to your average dog owner who’s looking to get into the social media game with their pup. Thanks to the Pet Industry Conference, future influencers were able to learn about how to get their pups to pose, or how to work with brands for instance.


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Raising awareness for rescue

Lucie is also trying to bring awareness towards rescue, and in fact, invited All Dogs Matter to have a stand at her market. What’s more, all the ticket proceeds from the event were donated to the charity (this year, Doggo Style Market raised a whopping £1,836 for the charity!)


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“I like to have someone who’s independent or local. I like the fact that All Dogs Matter are London-based, they’re not a huge, massive charity who get lots of funding from other people, and they work really hard. They do a lot of cool events, I like their branding, I like them. So I thought they were a good bunch to team up with.”

In fact, All Dogs Matter’s Victoria Park dog show is one of the events that Lucie just CAN’T miss:

“It’s really nice. They have some stalls, and they have a competition where you walk around the arena and parade your dog, and you can win different prizes.”


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But for Lucie, both a true Londoner and avid dog-lover, the most important thing about All Dogs Matter, much like the brands present at the market, is that they can accommodate London dog owners.

A word about Office Dogs

And while it’s great to talk about humans rescuing dogs, let’s not forget that dogs can also rescue us. That’s why the market’s theme this year was ‘Office Dogs and Dogs with Jobs’. Lucie fully supports bringing dogs into the workplace.

“I can’t see a downside really. They’re a bit distracting, but they calm down, and I think it’s a nice stress relief.”


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In fact, every week Lucie heads to the office of Shout About, a creative events agency who she works with (who also kindly donate the venue to the market), and brings her beloved Parker along! And of course, his cheerful personality brightens everyone’s day, and has earned Lucie the title of ‘Therapy PR’.

“I think a lot of companies are now looking into it. I think [they] are aware that their workers are stressed, and that in times of stress, it’s nice to just give them something back. And loads of companies are embracing a kind of wellness attitude for their staff.”

Obviously, we couldn’t agree more, right Elton?


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There was literally everything a dog-lover (and dog) could want at this market. It was a perfect combination of informative and fun! We simply can’t wait for next year’s Doggo Style Market event, which no doubt will be even more pawsome than this year’s!

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