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Woman collects Maine Coon from cattery; discovers something is seriously wrong

Grey Maine Coon cat-wow
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When one woman in France put her beloved cat in a cattery for a short while, she didn’t expect to get the shock of her life when she finally got the cat home.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 02/10/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Laure from Tower Magne in Nimes had put her beloved 5-year-old Maine Coon in the cattery during the holidays.

When she goes to pick up her beautiful grey cat called Dandy, the pet is handed over to her in its carrier and she heads home.

Something is wrong

But when she arrives home with the cat and gets it out of the carrier, she quickly realises that it isn’t Dandy. It is wearing the wrong collar and the eyes are different.

The cattery has given her the wrong cat!


The confused woman takes the cat to her vet who confirms her worst fears that the animal isn’t hers. She manages to get hold of someone from the cattery who admits that when they opened the cage, Dandy had run off.


PERDU "Dandy" chat Maine Coon à NÎMES 02/01/19 Secteur : tour magne Pucé. Non tatoué. Castré. Couleur gris. ...

Posted by Pet Alert Gard 30 on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Laure, distraught at the news that her beloved cat is missing, has put up posters in the area. She has also posted on social media in the hope that someone may spot her beloved Dandy.


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