Adorable must-see photos show woofing great time everyone had at doggy swim day

Dogs and owners enjoying a swim together dog-happy
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Fancy paddling with your pooch? A Scottish swimming pool allowed dogs and their owners to splash around together and the super cute photos reveal the fun everyone had.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 03/10/2019, 13:00

Most dogs love to jump in rivers and lakes for a splash around, even if it means it takes them the rest of the day to dry off.

But some owners were recently able to take it to the next level by getting in the water with their dogs.

The open-air Gourock Outdoor Pool in Inverclyde, Scotland allowed dogs the unique opportunity to splash around in the pool at the last swim session of the season.

Woofing good time

Photos posted on social media show that it wasn’t just the dogs that had a splashing great time.

Stephen McNally from Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire took a dip with his four and a half-year-old dog, Ibby. He told the Metro:

“Ibby loves the water. If we go to a beach, it is hard to get her out of there. But I was shocked to see that she enjoys surfing as well. There were a lot of floats there and she enjoyed being on them.

“It was such a great day and the water was warm too which was a bonus.”


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Owners and dogs from far afield 

Owners came from far and wide to attend the special event, with some even making the trip from Ireland to take part.

Everyone loved it

Organiser Natalie Skee brought her own pug-beagle cross called Esmerelda for a swim in the pool.

Natalie said: “We knew that there are pools down south that do this, so we decided to look into it and gave it a go.

“I brought my puggle called Esmeralda. She’s a crossbreed of a Pug and Beagle. ‘She’s two-years-old and she loved it. There were three sessions with 20 dogs at each session but tickets sold out quickly. 

“I would like to think this is something we will do annually. I think it’s a great idea and there is a big demand for it.”

Enjoying the surf

Some dogs even tried out the surfing skills


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Some owners just couldn't wait to get in the pool with their dogs.