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Homeless dog spent four years in a cage before her tear-jerking rescue

Sad street dog waits years for her forever home dog-sad
© Howl of a Dog - YouTube

Homeless dog Kara was rescued from the streets, but the worst was still to come. No-one wanted to adopt her, and so she spent four years in a cage at the city's pound.

By Natasha James , 1 Oct 2019

A tear-jerking tale

The heart-breaking story of gorgeous Kara starts on the streets. It’s hard to know her beginnings but it appears that she lived as a stray her whole life until a rescue team came to take her to the city pound, the only “home” she’d ever known.

Here, she spent four long years in her cage with very little opportunity for love or play, spending most of her time in the small crate that she lived in.

A happy end in sight

But, the sad story doesn’t end there! Howl Of A Dog, an animal rescue organisation in Romania, came to rescue Kara and to start the search for her forever home.

The medics treated her skin conditions and with a little attention, her fur started to grow back almost right away.

It was at the rescue centre that Kara knew love for the first time. Receiving regular cuddles and getting to sleep in a soft, warm bed, her personality began to shine. Staff described her as a friendly and affectionate dog.

A new life for Kara

The staff at the centre shared Kara’s story and a kind family from the Netherlands fell in love with her. She’s now started her new life where she receives love, cuddles and treats on a very regular basis and can forget all about those cold and lonely days at the pound.

Have a lovely life Kara – you deserve it!