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Find out how you can win a free dream holiday break with your dog

Win a chance for free holidays with your pet dog-wow
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Holiday website Snaptrip is offering pooch lovers the chance to go on an all-expenses-paid trip of a lifetime with their pets. Find out how you can win the dream doggy vacation!

By Ashley Murphy , 1 Oct 2019

There are so many amazing things about owning a dog, but trying to book a holiday break definitely isn't one of them! Many have trouble finding dog-friendly hotels, while others are more concerned about the stress of taking their dogs on a plane.

Holiday pains for pet owners

Many owners board their pets in a kennel, which can often cost as much as their actual holiday! And then there are the people who just can't face being away from their furry best friend, so they sacrifice those summer holidays altogether.

But what if there was another way to travel with your dog? What if you could go on a holiday tailored-made for pooches? Well, thanks to travel website Snaptip, you can - and they'll even pay you to do it!


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Holiday provider Snaptip is looking for two dogs to go on a tour of canine-friendly holiday destinations in the UK, including cottages in Wales, Cornwall, and the Lake District!


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The lucky Furrfluencers and their favourite humans will tour 10 of the best holiday spots over 12 months. They'll get to stay in each location free of charge and Snaptrip will even cover the rest of the holiday expenses. Plus, they'll earn an extra £300 for writing a short review of their holiday adventures.

Dream doggy holidays

Matt Fox is the CEO and co-founder of Snaptrip. He said:

"We have over 30,000 dog-friendly cottages, and we thought who better to review these places than the animals who are going to be enjoying them...We think a potential Furrfluencer review system will be really helpful to our customers."

If you think your pet is the best dog for the job, visit and fill out a short application form.


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