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Burger King inspires kindness with special treats for dying dog

Montage of Cody the dog with Tweet from owner dog-happy
© @AKarchh – Twitter

In the last few months of his life a dog from Toledo, Ohio was treated like royalty. Read on to know more about Cody’s Last Supper and how it helped him to happiness.

By Nick Whittle , 30 Sep 2019

Adopted by Lynn Morris and her son Alec, Cody the Boxer cross had been loved and adored by his human family since he was just eight months of age. Now at the age of 10 he was as much a part of the family as any of them. 

But Cody’s health was failing, and in 2018 he was diagnosed with an incurable bone cancer. 

Morris knew that within a few months Cody was likely to be dead, so she began to think of things she could do to make his life as comfortable and as happy as possible. 


One of the items Morris knew to be on Cody’s bucket list was “Cheeseburgers”. The dog had enjoyed a plain burger with cheese from Burger King on several occasions in the past. 

Now, with the dog’s future in doubt, it was time to up the ante!

Morris and Cody began to visit Burger King regularly. When Morris was asked by one of the cashiers asked why she was feeding her dog cheeseburgers she told the cashier the story of Cody, and how his health was deteriorating. 

Burger King 

In no time at all, writes The Animal Rescue Site, Cody was offered the cheeseburger for free, and not just one: Burger King decided that in light of Cody’s illness he could have free cheeseburgers for life. 

We are very proud of our employees,” said boss of the BK franchise Jimmy Harmon Cody. “We were also very touched by the story and have sympathy for the family and their dog in these tough times.”

Thanks to the love and care shown by owner Lynn Morris and Alec, the last few months of Cody’s life were just as they should be: carefree, cheerful... and sated!