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WATCH: Pitbulls’ priceless reaction when they are caught stealing food

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This video shows what happens when two dogs are caught red handed, or should we say, red pawed, by their owners. Their reactions are completely unexpected...

By Memoona Zahid , 30 Sep 2019


The temptation of yummy spaghetti was too much for these two adorable dogs and it’s evident when their owners catch them with the spaghetti in their mouths.

Rather than run away, which may seem to be the obvious reaction when being caught doing something you shouldn’t be, both dogs sit very still, staring innocently and waiting for a sign from their owners to continue.

They are not afraid, because they sit patiently – and they are very good dogs, waiting for instruction rather than carrying on with their mischief!

Good dogs

Obviously, the owners are struck by the cuteness of their dogs who look doe-eyed, and their cuteness shines through.

These dogs are harmless and playful, and it is evident in the video which the owners captured of them.

Once the owners give their approval, the doggos gobble up the spaghetti in a few seconds, their stomachs satisfied. Their owners are happy and so are they.

Watch the wonderful video below to see how it all pans out:

Dogs stare at owner after being caught stealing food

'If we stay very still maybe they won't catch us...' These dogs try to not get caught but the temptation of the spaghetti was just too much!

Posted by Metro on Tuesday, September 17, 2019