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Watch: Woman spots puppy by road, and is heartbroken by what she sees

Puppy abandoned by side of road dog-sad
© The Rescue Journey - YouTube

A woman in the U.S. was out taking a walk when she spotted a tiny puppy sitting on its own. As she got closer, she made a shocking and heart-breaking discovery.

By Zoe Monk

Published on the 29/09/2019, 17:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

The little puppy was just sitting by a wall on his own, not on a lead and with no food or owner nearby.

Tiny pup

As the woman approached the tiny pup she saw it had a white sign around his neck.

When she got close enough to read the sign, she saw that it in blue writing it said:

“I need a home”

Homeless puppy with sign
Puppy abandoned with 'I need a home' sign
© The Rescue Journey - YouTube

The woman, understandably worried about the little animal, contacted The Rescue Journey in Maine.

Sweet puppy

The animal shelter has posted a heartbreaking video that shows the moment volunteers came to help the poor little pup. Volunteers filmed as one of them slowly approached the puppy and reached out to the dog with his hand. The pup, just two months old, was clearly excited to see someone and started barking as the man stroked him.

While no one really knows how long the dog had been there, it’s thought it may have been wandering around for several days.

The volunteers gave the cute pup some water before taking it back to the shelter.

Volunteer gives water to abandoned pup
A volunteer gives water to abandoned pup© The Rescue Journey - YouTube

The puppy was given a thorough health check. The shelter is now preparing the friendly little chap for adoption and hopes to find a loving home for him soon.

Heartbreaking video

The shelter's emotional YouTube video has already had 3,888,420 views so far.