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Woman bites camel's testicles to save her dog

Woman bites camel testical to free dog dog-wow
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How far would you go to rescue your pooch if they were in danger? Pretty far, right? But would you go so far as to bite a wild animal’s testicles?

By Natasha James , 26 Sep 2019

An unlikely encounter

It all began on September 18 on a highway stop in Louisiana State. A couple were walking with their dog when they spotted an animal enclosure containing Casper the camel.

Visibly intrigued by the meeting, and unbeknownst to her owner, the little dog decided to approach the camel even managing to get into his enclosure! Worried, his mistress called him back, but the dog was having far too much fun to listen to orders.

A desperate act

Frantic now and not knowing what to do to encourage her errant pooch to come back to her, she made the decision to crawl under the enclosure fence to rescue her dog.

Unfortunately, everything didn’t quite go to plan and the camel, frightened by all of the attention and noise, put its hoof on the woman, pushing her to the ground and preventing her from standing up again.


Panicking now and seeing no other alternative, the woman did the first thing that came into her head and bit the animal’s testicles in a bid to free herself.

The shock of it was understandably enough to make poor Casper let go and the woman managed to escape with her dog. The woman was taken to hospital but was unharmed.

Angry owners

The story doesn’t quite end there though. Camel owners love their animals too and didn’t appreciate all the stress that Casper went through so decided to file a complaint. The couple will be summoned to court to answer for their actions.

We wish both Casper and the pooch a speedy recovery.