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10 pics that give a new meaning to the phrase ‘fighting like cats and dogs!’

The best of enemies, the best of friends dog-cat-wow
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We’ve all seen some hilarious examples of the love/hate relationship between our pets, but here are 10 pics that give a new meaning to the phrase 'fighting like cats and dogs!'

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 27/09/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

1# On second thought!

These two best of enemies were all set for a scrap, although it looks like the kitty might be having second thoughts! The phrase bitten off more than you can chew suddenly comes to mind.


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2# Psychological warfare

Sometimes all it takes is a hard stare to put your opponent back in his place. It looks like this kitty has got that look down to perfection!

3# Show no fear

Whether you call it fear or adrenaline, never show any weakness in front of your opponent. Which one of these two will back down first?

4# Show your opponent no respect

All is fair when it comes to the art of war, so use any weapon at your disposable to keep the enemy at a safe distance!

5# Surprise attack

Stealth attacks will always put you on the front paw, especially when the opponent is twice your size! This kitty ninja was obviously trained well!

6# Take it to ground

If you can't beat them standing up, take your opponent to the fall. But which one of these furry combatants has got the best ground game #doggyjujitsu

7# Never let your guard down 

Rule number one in fighting: never turn your back on an opponent! This cat is about to learn that the hard way!

8# Stay within your weight class

Even if you've got the biggest heart in the world, a jump up in the weights is always risky. Our money is on the pooch this time! He's definitely got the size advantage.

9# Keep it in the ring

It seems like these guilty-looking furballs are taking some time out on the naughty step! But that's what happens when you're caught fighting with your brother or sister!

10# Kiss and make-up

When the final bell rings, it's time to show your best enemy the respect they deserve! These two have put their differences aside for now. But how long will it be before the next big showdown?


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