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Unknowingly being filmed, this garbage man reveals his true nature to a dog

Shelby waits for her friend every week dog-happy
© Joshua Byrne - Youtube

Twice a week, Shelby runs into the front garden. She sits down, looks up and down the street, then suddenly her tail starts to wag. But what's getting this dog so excited?

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 27/09/2019, 18:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

Shelby lives in a small American town with her dog-daddy Joshua Byrne and the rest of the family. Joshua rescued Shelby from a local animal centre, and it wasn't long before he realised he'd found a very special pooch.

Shelby's best friend

Shelby was the most loving dog he'd ever seen. In fact, she made friends with everyone she met, but there's one person that's got a very special place in Shelby's big heart - the local garbage man!

She knows exactly when to expect her best friend, and she's always waiting on the side of the street for a few strokes and cuddles whenever his truck turns the corner.

This unique relationship is so adorable that Shelby's family decided to capture it on video.

So Joshua set up a camera and caught the heartwarming moment when the friends were reunited. They'd only seen each other a few days before, but from the way Shelby bounds over, you'd think they'd spent a lifetime apart!

This just goes to show how much love our dogs have for their favourite people.

The unnamed refuse collecter certainly isn't the only person to fall in love with this super-cute pooch.

Shelby goes viral

The video has been watched over 10million times on Youtube!

One viewer posted:

"Guarantee that's the Garbage Mans favourite stop of the week. Dogs favourite too obviously!"

Another man who saw the clip wrote:

"As a former garbage collector...dogs like this one were the highlights of our day. We would buy milk-bones or other treats for all the awesome dogs."

No wonder we call them man's best friend, although maybe it's time to change that to the garbage man's best friend!