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Meet the Americans touring Europe...with their 14 pets!

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An American woman and her cousin have set off on a journey around Europe. For good measure they have brought with them all of their pets...which includes no less than 9 dogs and 5 cats!

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 27/09/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

In what has been dubbed a travelling menagerie, Nicole Strauss and her cousin Travis Miles have this year embarked on a 7-month journey around Europe. Driving a Jeep Cherokee they will tow a 4-berth caravan to an estimated 20 countries.

Due to their emigre status in the UK, Strauss and Miles cannot spend any more than 180 days of the year in the UK. Despite their falling in love with the country, the two Pennsylvanians have not yet received their residency and must up sticks every year in order to be entitled to stay for the remainder.


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What better excuse can there then be for a trip around Europe in the intervening months? The only problem being the couple’s growing menagerie of animals - nine dogs and five cats - which has grown since both settled in Norfolk in 2014.

A growing tribe

32-year-old Strauss was part of the USAF contingent at RAF Lakenheath. While on duty, she brought with her from the States her first adopted cat, Lager. Since leaving the armed forces she has stayed in England due to her falling in love with the place.

England is where we consider home,” Strauss told The Metro. “My horses are in England and before my residency visas ran out, I lived there for nearly five years so have a complete life there.”


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After her marriage broke down, Strauss invited her cousin to live with her, but warned him that a nomadic way of life was the only one on offer. Miles agreed and came with his pets too.

Since then the couple have lived happily in the UK with brief interludes of travel to abide by the requirements of their visas.