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Dog’s unexpected reaction to mother's goodbye reduced the internet to tears

Ms Davis with dog Simba dog-sad
© myamonaydavis - Twitter

A Texan woman who grieved for her dying dog was comforted in the last moments by a moving gesture. Read on to discover how Simba’s last goodbye was especially touching.

By Nick Whittle , 28 Sep 2019

In 2018 Mya Davis knew the end was coming. She also knew that having known her dog Simba for 12 years, their goodbye would be painful and emotional.

Ms Davis adopted Simba in 2006 from a stray animal shelter. The little dog was already seven years old when the two met. Over the next few years, Simba and Davis grew together; Davis becoming a young woman and Simba an old dog.

Last year, at the age of 19, Simba’s health began to deteriorate rapidly. The prognosis was bleak, especially at such an old age. Davis was urged to come to terms with the fact that Simba was dying.

Natural death

As is often the case, Davis was given the option of having Simba euthanized at her local vet’s practice. However, she refused, at the time Tweeting that she preferred to let the dog die naturally.

I’ve been given an option to euthanize my dog,” she wrote. “But I believe that Simba deserves to die a natural death, in the home where he grew. In these final moments, I am making sure that he won’t be alone.”

In time, Davis came to terms with the notion of letting Simba go, and prepared for the worst. Her next move was to convince Simba that the time was right.

Telling him that it’s okay to let go,” she Tweeted. “I can’t imagine how much pain he is in and I do not want him to stay on this earth and suffer because of the thought of his loved ones not being ready to let him go.”

With this Davis lay beside Simba in his last moments and cried. Incredibly, Simba appeared to gently wipe away Davis’s tears.

After I told him I would be okay, I began to cry, and that’s when he started to wipe my tears away with his head, and I was lucky enough to catch it on video.”