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Pogba forced to protect himself with £15K guard dog

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Footballer Paul Pogba has invested £15,000 in a guard dog from a specialist training unit. The 26-year-old bought the dog following a recent stream of abuse from Manchester United FC fans.

By Nick Whittle , 24 Sep 2019

Pogba bought the Rottweiler from Chaperone K9, a globally recognised company specialising in the provision of highly-trained family protection dogs. Chaperone also provides personal protection dogs and residential dog training throughout the UK and Europe.


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Pogba's decision was brought about following a tirade of racial abuse from Man U fans who took to social media to ply the midfielder with faceless hate.

Pogba’s missed penalty against Wolverhampton Wanderers back in August prompted an unprecedented attack on the footballer, especially on social media.

The abuse and taunts caused teammates and the club to condemn the attacks and call for greater regulation of social media.

Chaperone K9

Chaperone K9, based near Lutterworth in Leicestershire, has supplied dogs to Pogba’s teammates Marcus Rashford and Phil Jones. Pogba hopes the presence of the dog will deter fans who intend to take things further in retribution for the missed penalty.


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Chaperone’s boss Richard Arnold told The Sun: "Footballers are obviously targeted individuals. They want something that when they go away will keep their family safe. They’re not aggressive animals in the slightest — until called upon.”


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The Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is an affectionate and loyal dog. But bad press over the years has meant that some people are wary of its nature. Additionally, its reputation as a guard dog has meant that unscrupulous owners may cause the Rottweiler to be more aggressive than it naturally wishes to be.

A properly-trained and well-looked-after Rottie is a protective gentle giant that can be both soppy and serious in the same breath.

If you wish to bring a Rottweiler into your family you should be certain of its background, its tendencies to anger or to protectiveness, and its obedience. Contact your nearest RSPCA or Blue Cross shelter to discuss the matter in more detail.


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