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Incredible recovery of world’s most badly treated dog

Poorly pooch makes world's greatest recovery dog-sad
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You may remember the shocking tale of dog cruelty that we covered over the summer. The heart-breaking story covered the trials of little Leialoha who was found abandoned on O'ahu beach in Hawaii. Thankfully, this update might just bring a smile to your face.

By Natasha James , 25 Sep 2019

A shocking tale

It was a story that shocked dog lovers everywhere. Earlier this year, passers by heard noises coming from the sand on O'ahu beach in Hawaii. A closer inspection led to the heart-breaking find of poor pooch Leialoha. She’d been buried in the sand, was severely sunburnt, swollen and thought to be missing around 90% of her fur. What’s more, it appeared that she’d been hacked at by a machete.


Leialoha needs you.... This beautiful girl was found by one of our team members. Someone had just buried her and they...

Posted by PAWS of Hawaii on Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Luckily, she was immediately taken to the PAWS of Hawai’i rescue centre. The incredible veterinarians and carers treated her injuries and gave her medication for sunburn, dehydration and anemia.

A miraculous recovery

BUT, the story does not end there. Rescuers have said that little Leialoha has made,

“The fastest recovery we’ve yet to see.”

Leialoha was placed with foster mum Amanda and donations poured in to aid her treatment and recovery.

Her foster career has charted her progress from shy and timid pooch (who would only leave her kennel to go to the toilet), to a happy, healthy pooch who interacts with humans and other pets.

Plus, her fur has started to grow back so the poorly sunburnt pink is gone and in its place is a shiny white coat with adorable tan patches.

There were enquiries from around the world about fostering little Leialoha and a forever home has now been found. If the pictures are anything to go by, adorable Leialoha can’t stop smiling now she knows she’s safe.

We wish you all the best little pup. Tell your new owners that you deserve ALL the treats.