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Top 5 videos of dogs jumping in Autumn leaves

Border Collie playing in a pile of leaves dog-happy
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Dogs love Autumn: the fallen leaves, the mud puddles, the cool weather and the smells – oh the smells! And humans love Autumn too – I mean what’s more adorable than a pupper jumping into a huge pile of leaves?!

By Justine Seraphin , 23 Sep 2019

And don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the BEST  video Instagram has to offer when it comes to leaf-mad dogs. Watch below and enjoy! Happy Autumn!

1. This is fetch with a challenge!


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2. Check out this new magic trick! It’s called the disappearing dog:


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3. What the heck is in here?!


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4. Like finding a needle in a leaf stack. Well, almost.


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5. And the winner is…


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Ok, one more…because Stella is simply a-dork-able:


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And this one too...because it's just too funny not to watch:


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Thank you to all dogs around the world for making us smile when the weather starts turning grey!

What about you? Do your doggos jump in leaf piles when Autumn comes around?