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Police dog sniffs out airport container, then makes the saddest discovery

Nobody would have guessed what was in the box dog-wow
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A furry officer of the law made a shocking discovery during a routine airport security check. A discovery which saved the life of a far more exotic four-legged creature.

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 24/09/2019, 20:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

The police sniffer dog was halfway through a routine shift at airport security in Queretaro, Mexico, when he suddenly started paying lots of attention to a suspicious-looking blue container.

A shocking discovery

The dog's handler knew his partner was on to something, but nobody could have guessed what happened next.

When officers pryed open the box, they discovered a Bengal Tiger cub! The two-month-old was heavily sedated and had been sealed inside the container with no food or water.

Police were unable to locate anyone linked to the delivery address, although they suspect the animal was on its way to a private buyer. Owning a tiger isn't illegal in Mexico, but the unsafe and cruel manner in which it was being transported meant police could seize the animal.

The Mexican police released the following statement:

"The animal was intended to be illegally transferred under these poor conditions. This is an endangered species, due to illegal hunting for their skin. We protect life in all its manifestations."

The tiger was handed over to welfare experts at a wildlife rescue centre and treated for dehydration. Despite being slightly underweight, vets found no signs of underlying health issues, although there's very little chance the cub can ever be returned to the wild.

Prashant Khetan is the chief executive officer for Born Free USA, a world-leading charity that helps protect the rights of animals in captivity and within their natural environment. He said:

"The cub has already been taken from its mother. In this situation, life at a sanctuary would be the best end result."

Prashant will now help the cub find a permanent home, but let's not forget the real hero of this story - a sharp-nosed police dog who used his canine superpower to save a furry friend's life.