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Old street dog is ready to give up on life when the incredible happens

Edward transformed into a new dog dog-happy
© Animal Aid Unlimited, India - Instagram

Things couldn't have got much worse for Edward the street dog. Hungry and with no one to love, the poor pooch developed mange, a painful skin condition. In fact, the pup was almost ready to give up on life - then this happened!

By Ashley Murphy , 22 Sep 2019

When rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited first saw Edward curled up next to an empty road in India, they weren't even sure he was a dog.

A desperate dog in need

Years of living on the streets had definitely taken their toll. The poor pup was dangerously malnourished, unable to move, and covered in painful sores from a severe case of mange.

He was also terrified of human contact and just couldn't understand that these strange people were only trying to help.

But after covering Edward in a blanket, one rescuer managed to scoop up the pooch and transport him to a nearby rescue centre.

And that's when the real hard work began. Edward was put on a special diet to get him up to a healthy weight, and it took eight weeks of medicated baths to treat the mange. And even though he was coming round to his new human friends, it took a while for Edward to feel completely safe around new people.

Then one day, someone noticed something very different about this rescue pooch. His tail was wagging more than usual, his eyes looked a little brighter, and he even came sniffing around for some strokes and cuddles.

A new comes to life

The staff couldn't believe their eyes. Edward was a completely different dog, and they were amazed at how his terrible past had not affected his ability to love for the very first time.

Edward is still a bit raw to be put up for adoption, but he's one of the most popular dogs at the rescue centre, where he'll always have a place he can call home!