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Discovery in woods: "We will find whoever did this. No matter what!" says police

Dog walker in forest dog-angry
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The man was just walking his dog in the woods when he came across something that wasn't just upsetting to see, but made him furious too. Luckily, he called the police immediately, who were able to save the animal just in time.

By Zoe Monk , 21 Sep 2019

He was taking his usual walk with his dog in a forest near Wągrowiec, a town in northwestern Poland.

Quite by accident, the man came across a frightened dog tied to a tree with a steel cord.

How could anyone do that?

The man, understandably shocked at what he’d found, immediately alerted the police.

The poor dog had been tied to a tree with a steel cord that was so short, she couldn’t lie down or even sit down. When she was discovered the dog was clearly exhausted and dehydrated.

The police suspect that a poacher may be responsible for what happened to the dog.

Looking for a loving home

The dog, called Lola, was taken into the care of the Bahati Foundation for Animals. Lola was very anaemic and underweight when she was brought to the shelter and has remained under close observation of staff and vets.

Staff at the animal shelter say that the beautiful dog is calm and nice natured. They estimate that she’s around three years old and appears to have only given birth a few months before she was discovered in the woods.

Police looking for person responsible

The police are looking for the person responsible for what happened to Lola. They suspect that it may have been a poacher in the area.

Andrzej Borowiak, a press spokesman for the Poznań Police tweeted that the forest area had been analysed, and footprints near where the dog had been found were being examined. The police were also looking at the steel cable that had been used to tie up the dog to see if they can trace it back to its owner.

Warning to dog owners

For a while, the local residents have been complaining to the police about poaching which has become a serious problem in the area. While poaching can lead to a fine and even imprisonment of up to 5 years, unfortunately, many avoid getting caught.

Police have warned local people to take care when they are walking their dogs in the forest and to watch for snares.