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Top 10 most popular cat breeds on Instagram

The cutest cats on social media cat-happy
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As a bunch of self-confessed kitty lovers, we took it upon ourselves to see which breeds are causing the biggest storms on social media. We had to look through hundreds of super cute pics in our quest to discover the top 10 cats of Instagram. It was a tough job, but hey, somebody's got to do it!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 21/09/2019, 16:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

1# Maine Coon

One of the biggest little cats on the block, the proud, tough-looking Maine Coon is already dominating the kitty inspired Instagram market. Lotus the Maine Coon is top cat for now with over 240k followers!

2# Siamese

That classic Siamese style never goes out of fashion. Elegant, sophisticated, and with a laid-back cool that you just can't imitate, these guys are the perfect Instagram pussycats!

3# British Shorthair

With those adorable chubby cheeks and their distinct chunky frames, the British Shorthair is guaranteed to build up a huge social media following. Bella the British Shorthair is already on her way - the super cute kitty has over 29k fans that follow her every move.


Here is a pic of me sniffing the fresh air ?

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4# The Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold gets its name from its distinct ears that bend forward onto the head. This unusual look gives the Fold an almost 'owl-like' appearance that will grab anyone's attention while scrolling through the Gram.

5# Bengal

The Bengal cat is one of our most iconic furry friends. Bred from a hybrid of domestic cats, the Asian leopard cat and the Egyptian Mau, these striped and sported beauties will always clock up the likes or turn that hashtag viral.

6# Persian

The Persian cat numbers speak for themselves. With over 4 million mentions and hashtags, these flat-faced furballs are one of the most popular breeds on the internet.

7# Sphynx

The Sphynx cat is the only hairless breed on our list. Bald and beautiful, these follically challenged kitties are cute enough even without the fur. And with over 4 million mentions on Instagram, it looks like the cat-loving community agrees with us!


This face gets what it wants, when it wants ? Thanks to: @thisisrosiekitty

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8# Ragdoll

With its long, silky fur and loving, sensitive nature, the Ragdoll was always going to be a smash hit with pet lovers across the world. Just check out this little guy. Could he be any cuter?


Ashman showing off his beautiful coat.

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9# Russian Blue

The regal-looking Russian Blue is the epitome of feline grace and sophistication. Intelligent, sensitive, and slightly aloof to begin with, the Russian Blue is the thinking persons perfect pet.

10# Munchkin

Munchkin by name, Munchkin by nature. Also referred to as the sausage cat, the Munchkin's short legs and long barrel body are likely to cause a cuteness overload in the brain of any cat lover! Think you can handle it?


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