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Man ‘almost dies’ laughing after dog makes gruesome find

Pandora the dog who found dentures dog-wow
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It isn’t often that something a dog finds in a garden is worthy of a smile. By and large such things are apt to bring a shriek of disgust and cause us to dart for the nearest wetwipe. But one dog from Brazil changed all of that.

By Nick Whittle , 23 Sep 2019

In 2017, Pandora the puppy was playing in the garden of her new forever home. The puppy was found as a stray in Sao Paulo and adopted by local man Lucas Alves Magalhães. Shortly after bringing him home Snr Magalhães felt confident that Pandora would be safe enough exploring the back garden by herself.

Within minutes Magalhães noticed she had found something. Calling out to her, he discovered the dog wearing a pair of human dentures.

Speaking to The Dodo at the time, Magalhães said: “I couldn’t see what it was, so I called her in. When I lifted her head, I almost died from laughing.

Before removing the dentures from his dog’s mouth Magalhães could not resist taking a few shots. After all, Pandora now looked as though Disney had worked its magic on her (albeit to a budget).

Hidden dentures?

Of the reason the dentures were there in the first place no-one knows. However, Magalhães said, “An elderly couple owned this house before me, and I think maybe it was theirs.

They may have changed their dentures and buried this one in the backyard. There’s no other explanation, because I know it’s not ours.”

Dogs will be dogs

Of a dog’s appetite we are all too familiar. They are voracious eaters but also exceptionally curious animals. That combination has led them to some nasty ends in years gone by. Some have been luckier, especially the dogs who ate the following items, a list of which was published by The Express in 2016.

Accordingly, here are ten of the weirdest things found in dogs’ stomachs:

•    A pair of knickers
•    A riding crop 
•    Some carpet thread
•    A needle and thread
•    A whole baked potato
•    A rubber chicken 
•    Some Christmas tinsel 
•    A corn on the cob
•    A baby’s dummy
•    A Barbie doll