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Owner collects Labradoodle from groomer, explodes with laughter when she sees him

Wembley the dog dog-wow
© lindsaymartin15 - twitter

The internet couldn’t stop laughing when it saw this dog’s new haircut. We know what you're thinking - surely it can’t be that bad? Well, we assure can!

By Zoe Monk , 19 Sep 2019

Wembley is a very cute doggy with a lovely curly coat. Well, he was until he was taken to the dog groomers.

Wembley’s owner Lindsey went to pick up her beloved Labradoodle from the groomers after he’d been taken there by her mum for a grooming session. However, when Lindsey first saw her dog all she could do was laugh.

Misunderstanding with groomer

Whether or not there had a breakdown of communication between Lindsey’s mum and the groomer, we don't know, but in any case, Wembley’s new look was not what anyone expected.

Not only has Wembley been completely shaved, but the only hair the poor pooch has left is a curly tuft on the top of his head!

Twitter sensation

Once she was able to compose herself, Lindsay couldn’t resist posting a photo on twitter.
Lindsay accompanied the photo with the tweet:

“My mom just RUINED my dog and she literally said "he wanted to keep it long on the top" I am devastated”

It wasn’t just Lindsay that saw the funny side, her tweet got the internet laughing too. With some comparing Wembley’s new do to that of Justin Timberlake’s curly cut back in the 90s.

Her tweet has had an incredible 50.6k retweets and 106.3k likes.

We still think you look cute Wembley.