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Watch: Jogger realises he is being chased, but makes the right decision

Man jogging in forest dog-happy
© Unsplash

A man was out jogging when he started to feel a presence close to him. When he turned around, he discovered he was indeed being followed. He then decides to make the sweetest, most solidary decision.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 17/09/2019, 11:00, Updated on the 19/12/2019, 15:23

This story is one of generosity and kindness of heart – but also that of the special bond between dogs and humans.

Right place at the right time

When the jogger turned around to find out what was following him, he discovered the most beautiful white stray puppy.

The puppy is caught between sheer joy and nervousness at meeting the jogger: after all, who knows if this guy is one of the kind humans? But still, the sweet stray can’t help but ask for attention by any means possible – whining, rolling over, pawing, and of course, a professional display of the sad puppy eyes.

The man tries to show the pup he means him no harm, by walking away but continuing to call him, until the puppy is confident enough to be approached. And then the two new friends share a moment of tenderness – it’s belly rubs and wet kisses galore!

A beautiful act of kindness

But a busy road is only a half kilometre away, so the jogger knows he needs to act fast to save the puppy. He picks up the puppy, takes him home, and provides him with much needed food and water. Unable to keep the puppy himself, he contacted a local shelter who came to pick up the sweet dog. Shortly afterwards, a loving family adopted the former stray and provided him with the fur-ever home he deserved.

A happy ending, thanks to this wonderful man with a heart of gold!

Check out the adorable encounter below: