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Watch: 3-year-old girl goes missing, pet dog's bark alerts rescuers

Yorkie calls for help in the middle of a cornfield dog-happy
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When this young girl from Missouri went missing, a huge search team consisting of 150 people, a helicopter, and multiple search and rescue dogs was deployed. But in the end, it was the family’s Yorkshire Terrier that saved the day.

By Justine Seraphin , 16 Sep 2019

It was around 8 PM in the evening when stay-at-home mum Timberlyn Merrit called 911:

“My three-year-old daughter went missing out of our front yard. And we can’t find her anywhere.”

A disturbing disappearance

Timberlyn had left her daughter on the swing set for a matter of seconds, and when she returned her daughter was gone. No matter how loudly and how much she called out, she couldn’t find her beloved girl. Her 1-year old Yorkshire Terrier, Heath, was also missing.

The family’s yard was located right in the middle of vast cornfields – a true labyrinth for a young child. While waiting for help, Timberlyn wasted no time in searching for her lost daughter, Remy. She ran through the cornfields, screaming out her name. But there was no response. And night was falling.

A huge search and rescue effort

Soon Timberlyn was joined by significant reinforcements, including 150 volunteers, police officers, search and rescue dogs, a helicopter, and even infrared radar technology. With the night having fallen, it was much harder to see, and wildlife was starting to prowl. Remy had already been missing for more than 12 hours – it was a matter of urgency that she be found!

A tiny four-legged hero

Dawn began to break and the search effort continued. It was one of the volunteers that brought attention to a noise that had surprised him: a sharp, high-pitched bark, coming from the middle of the cornfield. So a few of the volunteers followed the source of the sound, running through the razor-sharp corn stalks.

And suddenly – a miracle – lying right there in the middle of the field was little Remy, half-asleep. Heath, who had called out for help, was lying on top of her to keep her warm.

And so, the 13-hour search finally came to an end. Heath, the loyal family dog, had stayed by little Remy’s side throughout the entire night, keeping her safe and comforted.

Aside from a couple of mosquito bites, the young child came out of her ordeal without a scratch. Without Heath’s presence, who knows what might’ve happened to poor Remy!

After this serious scare, the family decided to install a fence around their property, so that none of their children could go wandering off into the cornfield jungle again.

What a good boy you are Heath, well done!