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Man reports daughter for animal cruelty after seeing these shocking pictures

Mr Wright had a tough decision to make dog-angry
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A heartless dog owner is facing animal cruelty charges after she was reported to the authorities by her own father! This guy knew he had to do what was right for the impressive show of discipline by a true animal lover!

By Ashley Murphy , 19 Sep 2019

It all started when two abandoned dogs were discovered by the side of a road in Pennsylvania, USA. The pooches were malnourished and had clearly suffered months of neglect.

A tough decision to make

The story quickly turned viral, with hundreds of locals taking to social media to share their outrage at such a blatant act of animal cruelty.

But when William Wright saw the pictures, he realised he had a tough decision to make. Wright recognised the pups straight away. They belonged to his daughter and her partner. But could he call the authorities on a member of his family?

After a tough battle with his conscience, William realised it was the right thing to do. He said:

"Kids have no consequence for what they do. They gotta learn...I've always had a dog and she knows how to take care of a dog. She's thinking she's going to jail immediately. I got off work. I called her. I said, 'We will go together. I'll go with you."

Williams daughter, Tonysha Wright, is now facing aggravated animal cruelty charges along with her partner. If convicted, the pair could face a custodial sentence and a lifetime ban on owning pets.

Thankfully, things are looking a lot better for the rescue pups. Vets discovered no signs of any serious health issues and one of the pooches, Snowy, has already found her perfect forever home.

A chance to reflect

Snowy's dog brother Coal is still recovering at the Washington County Humane Society, but we're sure it won't be too long before someone gives this rescue dog all the love he deserves.

Who knows what will happen to the Wright family? Mr Wright's brave decision may have some severe consequences for his daughter, and their relationship will probably never be the same again. But whatever the outcome, let's hope Tonysha and her partner realise there's never an excuse for animal cruelty.


Snowy taking a much needed break on our Humane Society Police Officer’s boot.

Posted by Washington Area Humane Society on Monday, December 3, 2018