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Woman answers phone and breaks into tears when she hears 4 incredible words

Chewy puppy collage dog-happy
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Discovered as a stray, cared for and then lost again. One Arizona family’s heartache ends with a surprise phone call four years after their dog disappears. Read on to discover the twists and turns of Chewy’s tale.

By Nick Whittle , 18 Sep 2019

Tony and Sara Torres got the shock of their lives this month. Four years after their dog Chewy disappeared at the hands, they believe, of robbers, they received news from a county animal shelter that he was alive.

Just a few days earlier, Maricopa workers from County Animal Care and Control had picked up a poorly stray, broken and battered, and brought it into their care.

When this dog came in, he literally was on death's door,” an MCACC spokesman told ABC15. “This dog was crushed. It was obvious he had received trauma from some type of animal.”

Somehow the dog had broken its jaw and the wound had become infected; one of its legs had to be removed as well.

Throughout all of its treatment the MCACC was hurriedly searching for the dog’s owners.

Chewy’s journey

Chewy was found by the Torres family as a stray puppy. Five years ago he was discovered wandering the driveway of the Torres’ home. Covered in chewing gum, he was cared for by Sara who painstakingly cleaned him up and, of course, called him Chewy.

Fortunately The Torreses had decided to chip Chewy. That led the MCACC to make contact with them to inform them of the find. Within hours the Torres family had reached the centre and were reunited with Chewy.

The cost of the treatment was in the end footed by Two Pups Wellness Fund. The charity helps people who are not able to afford treatments for their animals. The Two Pups fund paid for all of Chewy's medical expenses.

Writes ABC15, Tony Torres said of the fund, “They've helped us so much in all of this to pay for all the surgeries and stuff like that.