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Pedigree cats desperately seek forever home

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Following the death of their owner, four pedigree cats have been put up for adoption by a pet boarding hotel in Wales. Bengal Arwen, Ragdoll Evie and British Blues Ben and Bonnie are being looked after by The Pet Joint near Denbigh.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 17/09/2019, 13:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

The cats’ owner, an elderly woman from Cheshire, died recently. Her son, who emigrated to the United States, was informed by police that they had been forced to break down her front door in order to retrieve her body. The woman had been dead for several days, according to the North Wales Pioneer.

Police also told the émigré that four cats and a Chihuahua were discovered with his mother’s corpse. The man contacted The Pet Joint, a boarding kennels with which he was familiar.

Steve Belgrau who runs the kennels agreed to take the animals in and begin the process of finding new homes for them.

"She left behind four pedigree cats,” Belgrau told the Pioneer. “There was also a 18-month old Chihuahua who is very nervous and is currently staying with us. We hope to build on her social skills as it is unlikely she has met other dogs before.

"We liaised with the police and agreed to take them into our care until new homes could be found.”


Belgrau and his team hope to find new homes for the animals. The ideal outcome would be, according to Belgrau, the rehoming of all of the animals together.

It would be great to find a home together but realistically we know that's a big commitment, so as long as they can go in pairs we'd be happy,” he said. “They have lived as house cats all their lives.”

The cats are not young: Arwen is 16, Evie is 8 and Ben and Bonnie are 11. The Chihuahua is 18 months old.

We'd urge anyone who thinks they could give them a forever home to get in touch with us,” Belgrau told the Pioneer.

The ideal home would be somewhere peaceful and spacious, indoors - maybe wig in a window to sit on and look out of.

Ideally, no young children due to their age and no other cats. They've only ever known each other and with their age it may be too much for them.”

If you are interested in adopting these animals please message The Pet Joint on Facebook.