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Pitbull tries avoiding nail clipping in the most unexpected and hilarious way

Pit Bull reluctant to have toenails clipped dog-wow
© Gazeti TV - YouTube

There are times when we have to do things we really don't want to. But how far would you go to get out of having your toenails clipped? This dog took it to the extremes.

By Zoe Monk , 16 Sep 2019

One imaginative Pitbull went to drastic measures when she really didn't want to have her pedicure.

Pitbull about to have toenails clipped
Reluctant pitbull gets ready for toenail trim© Gazeti TV - YouTube

Performing Pit Bull

In the video that very quickly went viral, you see the lengths this dog was prepared to go to.

Reluctant pitbull thinks twice about having nail cut
Pitbull lets owner take paw but is planning to get out of her pedicure© Gazeti TV - YouTube

As the owner approaches the reluctant pooch, nail clippers in hand, the dog does something rather dramatic. Slowly lifting up a paw as the clippers get closer, there’s no doubt that this dog isn’t keen on having her nails trimmed.

As the owner starts clipping, the dramatic performance the Pitbull gives would leave any actor envious.

Pitbull doesn't want nail trim
Pitbull starts to lean back during nail cut© Gazeti TV - YouTube

The canine dramatically falls on her back, pretending to faint.

You can’t make it up!

Pitbull faints to avoid nail trim
Pitbull dramatically pretends to faint to avoid the clippers© Gazeti TV - YouTube

The dog makes no sound and just lies there with her eyes open.

Dog recovers after pretending to faint
Pitbull 'recovering' after her award-winning fainting performance© Gazeti TV - YouTube

This is a performance that certainly deserves an Oscar. Watch the hilarious video to see for yourself.