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5 reasons why cats love to sleep with us

cat sleeping with child cat-happy
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Cats LOVE to sleep in general, but especially so with us! But why? There are many reasons. Read below to find out the 5 main reasons why cats love to sleep with their humans!

By Memoona Zahid

Published on the 16/09/2019, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

On average, cats sleep for about 15 hours per day, which is much more than humans, but this does not mean that their quality of sleep is less important. That’s why they always choose the best place to sleep…which often happens to be our favourite place to sleep too.

Warm me up!

Cats love warm places, and that's why we often find them next to radiators, between cushions or where there is a ray of sunshine in the house. But the best warmth of all, is the warmth that comes from the cat’s owner which is without a doubt the cat’s favourite. What better time to make use of this warmth than when their owner is sleeping.


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The bed is mine!

Some cats are particularly territorial and for this reason they believe that the bed is their property. However, for these very intelligent animals, granting us the luxury of sleeping in "their space" is certainly an excellent compromise: pampering and warmth for a bit of bed? Deal.


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Let's protect each other

Sleep is a moment of calm and quiet, but also a moment in which an animal feels particularly vulnerable: if your cat loves to perch next to you it's because he feels safe, and can also keep an eye on you more easily!


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Super comfortable!

In the crook of the arm, on the stomach, on the back or even on the head! Even if they slip in next to us in the strangest ways - forcing us to stay still so as not to disturb them - for them we are always what is most comfortable in the world!


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They love you like crazy!

Yes, even cats, like us, love physical contact with the people they trust. Despite appearing at times detached, sleeping with us is a real test of their love. Furthermore, this helps them to relax, but the feeling is mutual: between pampering and purring, falling asleep with them is a sweet symphony, which also helps us to relieve stress!