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Owner reunites with Sphynx cat after 9 years, but another tragedy breaks her heart

Sphynx cat lying down cat-sad
© Marine Boceno

Interviewed by Wamiz, Marine told us the amazing story of how she found her Sphynx cat after he had gone missing 9 years prior. Sadly for Marine, another tragedy hit just days after she reunited with her beloved cat.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 13/09/2019, 13:30, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:40

This incredible story leaves us with chills – and reminds us just how much our beloved pets can actually sense and understand.

Djoon’s adoption

Our story begins in 2008: Marine is 20 years old, she has no children, but she loves animals. So she decides to adopt a breed that has always intrigued her – the Sphynx cat.

Djoon, as Marine named her cat, was the perfect cat. She was lovable, affectionate, and was so laid-back that she even walked on the lead in the streets of Paris, where she lived.

Djoon was adopted by Marine in 2008
© Marine Buceno

Completely smitten with the breed, she decides to purchase another Sphynx. She named this new addition to the family Fidji, and planned to gift her to her father.

Fidji and Djoon get along swimmingly, and everything is right in the world. That is, until a window is accidentally left open in the apartment while Marine is at work. This terrible mistake was to change Marine’s life forever.

Djoon’s disappearance

“When I got home from work, Djoon was gone. I did everything I could to find her: flyers, rewards…I can’t tell you the sadness I felt at having to accept that Djoon was out of my life forever.”

With the inexplicable pain she felt at having lost her beloved companion, she decided not to give Fidji away to her father, and instead to keep her for herself.

9 years later…

Fidji and Marine continue their lives together, without Djoon. Fast forward 9 years, and Marine is now a mother of 2 children, aged 7 and 4. She now lives in Brittany, her region of origin, in a beautiful little house by the sea. The calmness of the countryside has helped her cope with her loss.

But in August 2019, she receives a fateful phone call, which will again, change her life forever.

“My husband answered the phone and spoke to a girl who said she had our cat. I immediately ran upstairs, but Fidji was there with us…I didn’t understand…the girl then explained that she had found Djoon on the 7th floor of a Parisian building. She had immediately gone to the vet and discovered that the cat had a microchip with my information in it.”

Djoon has come home after 9 years!
© Marine Buceno

This was of course a huge surprise to Marine, who would’ve never expected her beloved cat Djoon to still be alive 9 years after getting lost. But seemingly, Djoon was ready to return – and so, a couple of Marine’s Parisian friends picked her up and drove her to Brittany so she could reunite with her mum.

“Seeing my cat again was a unique sensation, with that speck on the nose it was impossible not to recognize her! Of course, at the beginning, she was a bit panicked, after 6 hours of travelling, and having been transported from house to house, she was really out of her element. But once she was back with me, she transformed back into the cuddly cat she had always been!”

Djoon’s discovery

Besides being a super affectionate cat, Djoon was also very intelligent. Upon her return to her home, she immediately recognised her cat sister, Fidji. Although she had only spent a few months with her before disappearing, Djoon never left Fidji’s side.

Although this loving attention was touching, Marine began to wonder if there was another reason that Djoon was sticking around Fidji so much. Just to be sure, she decided to take Fidji to the vet.

And to her utter despair, Marine got crushing news that destroyed her newly found happiness. Fidji has a serious lung infection, and to spare her further pain, there is no other option than euthanasia.

Djoon had immediately noticed that her sister Fidji was ill.
© Marine Buceno

Fidji’s farewell

So, Fidji departs, 9 years after she entered the picture. She had filled the void for Marine when Djoon had disappeared, and now, only 15 days after her sister’s return, she leaves in peace, knowing that her beloved owner would not be alone anymore.

Despite this comforting notion, she has left a huge hole in the family’s heart.

“I washed everything, but Djoon still smells Fidji everywhere and doesn’t want to move from wherever she feels her sister’s presence.”

Thankfully, Marine now has Djoon to comfort her, and vice-versa. The best they can hope for now is that they will be able make up for lost time. But Marine will never forget Fidji, her guardian angel.